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Welcome to the XMaster web site

XMaster is an easy-to-use expert system shell for Windows and the purpose of this web site is to provide you with information about this product.
This site contains, amongst other things:

A definition of Expert Systems provided by the British Computer Society's Specialist Group on Expert Systems: Click here!
A general introduction to Expert System Shells
An introduction to the ideas behind XMaster: Click here!
For an introduction to XMaster's Features: Click here!
Special Offers!

For details of a Special Offer on XMaster Developer: Click here!
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Registered users of XMaster can upgrade to the latest version of XMaster free of charge: Click here!
For details of all upgrades and enhancements: Click here!
For details of our current XMaster price list and discount structures - see our Product pages
For details of known bugs/bug fixes: Click here!
For more information Contact Us!

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