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What's New 1.27

XMaster version 1.27 contains the following enhancements:

Develop your knowledge bases in Excel:

Using XMaster Developer version 1.27 and higher:

An XMaster knowledge base can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and then re-imported back into XMaster again.

This means that you can now develop entire XMaster knowledge bases in Microsoft's Excel.

Of course, you don't have to use Excel or any other software tools apart from XMaster Developer itself in order to develop an XMaster knowledge base - XMaster is an entirely self-contained and self-sufficient development environment.

But some people find that, at times, they would like to be able to see all of the details in the current knowledge base laid out for them in the sort of format which spreadsheets provide.

XMaster's Excel interworking facilities have made this possible since XMaster version 1.20.

But, prior to version 1.27, once you had viewed the details of your knowledge base in Excel spreadsheet format, if you then wanted to make some amendments to it, you had to go back into XMaster Developer and use XMaster's graphical user interface to make these amendments.

Wouldn't it be simpler if, instead, you could make your modifications directly onto the spreadsheet and then re-import that amended spreadsheet back into XMaster?

Well, now you can.

The result is that you can now work on your knowledge base in Excel either to make small modifications to an existing knowledge base or to develop an entire knowledge base right from square one.

So you now have the choice of two quite different development environments - which one you choose to use is up to you.

[Note: there must be a copy of Microsoft's Excel version 4.0 or later available on the system and in the path to make use of these options.]

Excel Interworking in summary:

In addition to the Excel import and export functions described above XMaster Developer also offers the following features:

the contents of an Excel spreadsheet can be imported as additional records to the current XMaster Session Log;

the contents of an XMaster Session Log can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet together with XMaster's inference data concerning those sessions.

This Excel interworking facility provides, amongst other things, a means by which XMaster's inference engine can be used to carry out batch processing of data obtained from other sources.

Session Log Import Facility

Also, using XMaster Developer, the contents of Session Logs attached to other copies of the current XMaster knowledge base can also be imported into the current Session Log.

This enables results obtained from a number of copies of XMaster User to be consolidated into a single copy of the knowledge base.

What's New version 1.281

XMaster version 1.281 contains the following enhancements:

XMaster on CD-ROM

XMaster is now distributed on CD-ROM together wih the XMaster Installer program to make installation even easier.

The CD-ROM version also contains the XMaster manuals in .pdf form together with copies of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

XMaster is still available on floppy disc for those who prefer it that way.

What's New version 1.30

XMaster version 1.30 contains the following enhancements:

XMaster Twin Installer package

XMaster now uses Windows MSI Installer technology. The CD-ROM still contains the original XMaster Installer program for users who wish to install XMaster on legacy versions of Windows.

What's New version 2.00

XMaster version 2.00 contains the following enhancements:

Full 32 bit working

XMaster version 2.00 and higher now uses full 32 bit working for compatibility with the latest versions of Windows:

Customer Feedback

Many of the enhancements which we implement in XMaster are as a result of feedback from our customers.

So, if there is something you would like XMaster to do that it currently doesn't do then let us know - we value your feedback: Click Here!