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About XMaster

XMaster consists of two basic packages: XMaster Developer and XMaster User.

XMaster Developer is used to create an expert system:
XMaster Developer image
Using XMaster Developer you create a Knowledge Base specific to your particular field of expertise simply by building up a list of possible Hypotheses and another list of Items of Evidence. (Or, if you wish, you can specify a completely different terminology to suit your own particular domain: such as Diseases and Symptoms, for instance, if you were developing a medical knowledge base; or Species and Growing Conditions, if you were concerned with horticulture).

Click on a button to associate the relevant items of evidence with the relevant hypotheses and use the probability control bars to indicate the likelihood of observing each item of evidence if the hypotheses is true and the likelihood of observing that item of evidence if the hypotheses is false. That way, using proven Bayesian inferencing techniques, XMaster enables you to incorporate uncertain or approximate relationships into your knowledge base just as easily as the more certain ones.

Then invoke the built-in Info Editor to attach specific textual information to any or all of the hypotheses and to any or all of the items of evidence. And, after that, XMaster does the rest: and your very own expert system has been created.

XMaster User is then used to consult an expert system that has previously been created with XMaster Developer:
XMaster User image
As soon as you have developed a knowledge base with XMaster Developer , anyone you wish can load XMaster User with your expertise and can consult it on their own computer whenever they want to.

They can even load it onto a lap top and carry it around with them all day and all night if they wish to do so.